Hello all:

On behalf of Cleveland Metroparks, we regret to inform everyone that the 2011 Canoe & Kayak Challenge to be held Saturday, May 21 at Hinckley Lake is CANCELLED.

After reviewing the number of pre-registered canoers and kayakers, we've determined that it would not be fair to all parties to continue in the record attempt.

If you've pre-registered, either your check will be mailed back to you within the week and if we've processed your check, a refund will be mailed by the end of the month.

We appreciate your support.

Thanks again -
Cleveland Metroparks


John said...

It is unacceptable and very unclear that this event is cancelled. It's still two weeks before the event. People can register right up to the day of the event. My Brother is coming from Minnesota and my Nephew already booked a flight from New York that cannot be refunded. It makes no sense to cancel this event. Reason stated that it would "not be fair to all parties" also makes no sense. What "party" benefits from cancelling this event? If no record is set, then no record is set. Good people took your bait, incurred expenses that cannot be refunded only to be astonished by the cancellation of an event two weeks before the date. It appears that even Cleveland Metroparks is helping to maintain a reputation of corruption, bad decisions and a total disregard for the people in this entire area.

John said...

Oh yeah...and Dan Crandall: How does someone get to be a "Marketing Specialist" with this type of marketing that you use? You should be ashamed.

rrr said...

John - We did not make this decision hastily. We diligently looked as many factors, and, unfortunately, the number of pre-registered participants was not at level for us to continue with the attempt. We are not happy with the situation, either. We did this project with full anticipation of setting a new record. And, we did a great amount of promotion for this endeavor, including mailing to 16,000 ohio-registered canoers and kayakers, and contacting many clubs, organizations, schools, and other institutions. But, for whatever reasons, it did not 'take' as we expected.
Bob Rotatori, Manager - Mktg & PR, Cleveland Metroparks

John said...

Bob and Dan: I appreciate your comment, and I also appreciate Dan calling my Brother personally and speaking with him. To understand my post is to understand the frustration that many people in the area are feeling. Aside from our neighbor Detroit, Cleveland is one of the most depressed cities in America. Corrpution abounds, as I am sure you know. This was an opportunity for Cleveland to be on the map for something positive, something unique and something that would bring the great people in this area, as well as out of towners together in unity. We need unity in this time of being taken advantage of almost daily. After talking to my Brother and hearing the explanation that Dan gave him, I understand your reasoning for cancelling this event. It would however had been appropriate for someone to explain in more detail the reason for cancelling rather that simply stating that it wouldn't be fair to all parties. I hope that you will join me in standing up for Cleveland, and holding an event that will tell people around the Country and the World for that matter that the citizens of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Ohio do not represent the hundreds of corrupt represenatives that have made the headlines for the last two years. Let me also say that my statement of corruption in no way meant that Metro Parks is's just that this cancelling this event spawned more dissapointment in an area that has had more than their share. My appologies to anyone that my previous post may have offended, as that was not my intent. Dissapointment cannot keep prevailing in Cleveland. So...let's plan another event that will show this world that Cleveland and Cuyahoga still rocks! Thank you all for your time.

Gerard said...

Sorry to hear about the event cancellation, however, enter the Cleveland Paddlelatta. The Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA), Northeast Ohio Chapter, is planning to establish an annual fundraising event on the Cleveland Lakefront. We are planning a July 30th 2011 Kayak Formation as a pilot event to the inaugural 2012 event. The Paddlelatta's registration website is currently under construction so please check back with us in a few weeks by going to So lets get our mojo back. Lets celebrate our location on a Great Lake. Everybody on the water!


John said...

It appears that the Cuyahoga River Cleanup is the same day as this event that was cancelled. Research!

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