Here are the rules for setting the Guinness World Record for the Largest Free-Floating Raft of Canoes & Kayaks:

  • Each canoe or kayak within the flotilla must have at least one paddler in it. 
  • Inflatable rafts or kayaks/ canoes are not permitted.
  • The kayak/canoe flotilla can only be held together by hands. No boats can be lashed together by ropes.
  • The flotilla must free float for at least 30 seconds. If at any time during this period the flotilla is grounded or touches land the attempt is disqualified.
  • The flotilla cannot be attached to any other craft or jetty, but can be during the assembling of the flotilla.
  • The World Record is based on the total number of kayaks and canoes in the flotilla - not the number of boaters involved.