Time to Come Together & RECLAIM the World Record from Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Venture Outdoors is set to announce that they are the current official Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Raft of Free Floating Canoes & Kayaks. But the good news for Cleveland Metroparks is that the official number is not as high as originally announced! The official number to be recognized by Guinness for the Pittsburgh record is 1,619 canoes & kayaks.

Sign up now and join Cleveland Metroparks in attempting to make history by RECLAIMING the Guinness Book of World Records with the "Canoe & Kayak Challenge" on Saturday, May 21 at Hinckley Lake in Hinckley Reservation.

And, this World Record seems to be a hot one for organizations to try and break. River Action, Inc. from Davenport, Iowa will attempt to break the record at their "Floatzilla" event on August 20 and One Square Mile of Hope from Inlet, New York (who took the record from Cleveland Metroparks in 2008 with 1,104 boats) will attempt to break the record on September 24.

Help break Pittsburgh's record and set the record so high that Iowa and New York will be "upstream without a record!"

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